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Sawa Sawa Africa

Safaris in Kenya

Receptive of safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Sawa Sawa Africa, has its own offices in Kenya and Tanzania and works mainly on tailor-made safaris, putting together the best proposal for each traveler, depending on the time of the year in which the clients travel, to always show the authenticity of the destination and the best experience of safari. It also has a wide range of quality regular safaris in Kenya and Tanzania in Spanish as a travel alternative for those tighter budgets, but with the usual Sawa Sawa quality.

Sawa Sawa Africa is the perfect provider of tourism services in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

Safaris en Kenia
Safaris en Kenia
Safaris en Masai Mara
Leones en Kenia

Our responsibility as a company is to reinvest in our society.

We support self-help groups of street women and children who do our client documentation and we work directly with two centers; Furaha Day Care Center which was founded to bring happiness and quality of life to often neglected children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down Syndrome & with Kabiro Human Development Project working in slums.


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